31 Ways EAPs Save Lives and Money

btn download orangeMany think of their EAP program only in terms of serving an occasional employee that needs to find a counselor. Our full-service EAP also assists the companies we serve in many additional ways:

1. Reducing workers’ compensation costs.
2. Improving attendance of employees.
3. Helping prevent employee grievances.
4. Reducing the likelihood of lawsuits.ROI Smaller
5. Improving morale in the workplace.
6. Helping prevent the dismissal of valuable employees.
7. Helping reduce employee turnover.
8. Helping employees improve productivity.
9. Improving supervisor coaching skills.
10. Helping to prevent workplace violence.
11. Reducing costs of associated with the hiring outside consultants to advise on employee health and/or psychological matters.
12. Prevention of crises associated with psychiatric issues of employees.
13. Helping correct behaviors associated with non-compliance with OSHA or DOT standards.
14. Improved health care outcomes of employees with less expense associated with health insurance plans.
15. Managing and intervention with workplace crises to prevent larger impacts and adverse impact associated with their aftermath.
16. Reducing wasted time by supervisors attempting to manage troubled employees.
17. Identification of risky behavior associated with difficult or troubled employees, and its curtailment.
18. Reducing the tardiness of specific employees.
19. Improved management of employee stress.
20. Eliminating supervisor involvement with the personal problems of employees.
21. Intervening in the resolution of employee conflicts:
                   - Conflicts with Supervisors
                   - Conflicts on Teams
                   - Conflicts between Departments
22. Reducing employee sick leave.
23. Helping reduce the use of overtime.
24. Reducing risk of EEOC complaints.
25. Improving supervisory skills of leadership staff.
26. Reducing risk of accidents.
27. Producing effective impact on rising rates of property-casualty insurance premiums.
28. Reducing likelihood of paying up-front deductibles on EPL Insurance covering wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and discrimination.
29. Improving communication throughout the organization.
30. Improving the personal productivity of the supervisor.
31. Identification of emerging behavioral risks in the organization associated with organizational conflict, poor supervision practices, unfair work conditions and work practices, and toxic supervisors.

These reasons are why research shows that a robust EAP produces Return On Investment and saves companies money. We would be happy to compare how our EAP could serve your organization by building long-term relationships with supervisors that can deeply penetrate behavioral risk, save lives, and help your bottom line!

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