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Many people across the State of Hawaii have been impacted by the recent eruptions on the Big Island.

Thousands of people in the Puna area have been directly impacted -- evacuated from their homes, downwind from the toxic air, staying in shelters or with family or friends, or even losing their homes to Pele.

Thousands more have been indirectly impacted:

  • County employees who manage safety and security, power, fire protection, police protection and traffic issues, etc.
  • Volunteers providing shelter, food, water, pet care, access, information, comfort, etc.
  • Nearby businesses, schools, etc.
  • Family and friends sheltering those directly impacted
  • All the rest of us who are concerned with our Big Island neighbors

Because this is an emerging but probably ongoing event, the ripples will continue to expand, touching more people as time passes until Pele settles down once again.

The resources of the community, County, State, and nation are showing up as is usually the case during and after a disaster. In Hawaii, we understand tsunamis, flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, sharks, jellyfish, and more. We do pretty well at supporting each other. It's one of the advantages of living on an island, in that we know we're all in this together.

We wanted to remind you that your EAP also has resources available to those directly or indirectly impacted by this (or any) large-scale event.

Most people know we have counselors available across the State and that covered employees and their family members can seek EAP support any time. For those directly impacted, it may help to sit down with a counselor to debrief, discuss concerns and resources, process any losses, and increase your overall resiliency. For those indirectly impacted that may have seen too much or been overwhelmed by some part of responding to the event, we can help as well. We can provide face-to-face counseling and coaching support as well as telephonic and online support as well.

Many don't know there are other ways EAP can help employees coping with such events. Most EAP plans include the following services:

  • Financial Consultation: If you need some free advice from a financial expert, you can spend 30 minutes on the phone with a financial expert. Whether you need tax advice, loan suggestions, bill payment plans, or any feedback from an expert on finances, call us and we'll get you an expert. Download our flyer on getting some Financial Coaching following a disaster:
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  • Legal Consultation: If you need some free advice from an attorney, we can get you a free 30-minute consultation face-to-face or telephonically with an attorney. Any issue other than work-related issues are covered.
  • Eldercare and Healthcare Navigation Consultation: If you have an elderly relative impacted by this, or have a healthcare issue (yours or a family members's) that you're stuggling to get through the healthcare maze, we can help.

So call your EAP (toll-free at 877-597-8222) if we can be of assistance!

For employer groups impacted by this event, we can help as well. We can provide onsite debriefing/defusing support to impacted individuals or teams.

Here are two flyers that might also be helpful:

Coping with Traumatic Events

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Coping with Unexpected Events

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