Long-Term Care Planning

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Issues to think about in caring for your aging parents or loved one

iStock 000004242588 LargeTalking with an aging parent or infirmed loved one about long-term care issues can be challenging. Below are suggestions for some of these important conversations. Remember that you can call your EAP for free Eldercare and Healthcare Navigation consultation to help prepare you for these conversations or support you in taking appropriate actions once you know the answers. We are here to help you any way we can with these issues!







1. Start the conversation with your loved ones about planning for senior years

What are their goals as they age? Planning early prevents the need to make decisions in a crisis.


2. If the goal is to remain at home or age in place

Talk about the “what-ifs.” What if your loved one becomes ill and needs caregiving, who can help? Can you afford professional help? Do they have a POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment)?


3. Home Safety


Assess home for safety and risk for falls. Develop a plan, prioritize by highest safety risk and set a budget.


4. Legal


Do they have a will? Have they designated someone to make healthcare decisions if unable to make the decisions? Who can make financial decisions when they can’t? Is there a lawyer? Get name and contact info.


5. Financial

Names of banking institutions for savings and checking accounts. Annuities or securities? Where are the documents? Who will help manage bill paying when they no longer can? List types of bills.  Is there a financial planner? Get name and contact number. Is there a mortgage? What institution?


6. Insurance

What types of health insurance do they have?  Life insurance? Long-term care insurance? Where are the documents stored?


7. Health

Who is their primary care physician?  Any specialists? List names and contact info. Are there any major medical conditions and what medication are taken? Allergies? Do they have an Advanced Healthcare Directive?


8. Retirement Communities

Do they prefer living in a retirement community? Have you toured retirement communities? Selected one? Do they plan to sell their home?


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