Employee Testimonials

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I just want to take this time to let you know how much I appreciate what you've done for me. You not only taught me the skills and knowledge to help me become a better person, but you helped me build my confidence in my self and given me the courage to be the man that I truly intend to be. Thank you.

It took me a long time to get up the nerve to make an appointment at EAP. I felt that I couldn't ask for help, I had to find the answers myself. Talking to you has helped me gain insight and make some positive changes My only regret is that I didn't call for an appointment sooner. I thank you and my family thanks you.

I am so thankful that counseling through EAP was available to me. I now realize that most everyone at sometime in their life could benefit from the kind of help you gave me to have the courage to rediscover myself and change the way I look at life. It is definitely an eye-opening experience. Thank you very much.

I want to thank you for your empathy, support, and intervention during a very difficult time. I appreciate your perspective, and I feel that your assessment was accurate and your referral timely.

In this day and age of doing more with less we need tools to help us balance our lives and what I learned during my EAP sessions is invaluable. I try to use those tools every day to help me deal with the stress of a job and family. Thank you.

I can't express enough appreciation for guiding me through a most traumatic and difficult time in my life. Having EAP to turn to was so important and a huge turning point in my life.

I wanted to let you know what a difference talking to you has made in my life. With your encouragement I was able to look at the options I had and move forward rather than making the same decisions that were making me so miserable.

I am pleased to recommend the Employee Assistance of the Pacific for employee assistance and substance abuse professional services. Since 1989, they have also been a resource in understanding regulations and guidelines applicable to us as a general construction contractor, especially regarding federal DOT and collective bargaining agreements related to substance abuse requirements. Over these many years, very positive feedback have been received from the varied groups of employees, from field craft and union workers to engineers, other professionals, and executives about the counseling services provided to them and their families. Our Human Resources Department and other managers have considered EAP to be a valued partner in dealing with employee performance and behavioral issues. The EAP staff has been readily available to support the organization in responding to critical incidents when needed. We have benefited from our long-standing relationship these more than 25 years.

Sheila Uehara, Human Resources Director, Hawaiian Dredging

I am very pleased to recommend Employee Assistance of the Pacific as a provider of employee assistance and substance abuse professional services. Oahu Transit Services has contracted with Employee Assistance of the Pacific since their launch in 2004 and with Straub EAP, their legacy organization, since 1992. Employee Assistance of the Pacific has proven itself to be thoroughly competent in all aspects of their services. In addition, our communication with their staff and counselors has been consistently outstanding. They are readily available to consult on SAP matters and enthusiastically work with us as valued organizational partners in providing a drug free workplace. Our employees trust and value the professional and confidential counseling services provided to them and their families. They know that they will be scheduled quickly with a counselor who understands their working environment as well as the unique challenges of living in Hawaii. When a critical incident has occurred, the EAP staff has been readily available to support the organization in responding to the event. EAP can be relied on to respond with broad professional knowledge and insight into our organizational culture no matter what type of situation arises.

J. Roger Morton, President and General Manager, Oahu Transit Services, Inc.

I am happy to provide a positive recommendation for the EAP/SAP services of Employee Assistance of the Pacific. They have satisfactorily served as our Department's SAP since 1999, and I have worked very closely with them on all of the 120 employees we have sent to them (mostly for DOT and non-DOT SAP services). They have made a tremendous difference in the lives of these valuable employees we have sent them, and kept us in the loop about their compliance (or non-compliance) with the SAP recommendations. Most of these employees returned to service and remain productive employees, and the feedback I have received about the SAP services has been overwhelmingly positive. In addition, I have found them to be very responsive to my concerns and questions, and they have worked with me proactively to help retain these troubled employees in a way that helps me manage the complex issues of these cases.

Colleen Miyasoto, Department Human Resources Officer, Department of Public Safety, State of Hawaii