Robust Work/Life Benefits

advice computer key showing assistance and help MkDV1fwd CopyIn addition to offering covered employees and their family members professional EAP counseling and coaching support, Employee Assistance of the Pacific goes farther to provide support for those Life issues that impact your Work.

All you have to do to receive free consultation for Legal issues, Financial issues, or Eldercare/Healthcare Navigation issues, is just give us a call. We'll take your information down and line you up with our legal, financial, or eldercare experts.

Please note that work-related legal issues or financial issues are not covered.

Most of our covered companies provide these service, but not all. So if you have an questions about whether you are eligible to receive these services just give us a call.



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Any time you need an attorney, you can call the EAP and we’ll get you a free 30-minute consultation with one of the attorneys in our network…

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Any time it would help to talk with an independent expert to help you get started in the right direction you can call us…



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Having an expert who can guide you through complex eldercare issues or the healthcare maze is a great timesaver…

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Our Robust Work/Life Services Help Your Employees Stay Productive!

When we assist your valuable employees with personal issues that trouble them, they become more present, engaged, productive employees

  • Healthcare Navigation Consulting
  • Financial Consultation
  • Legal Consultation

employees 04Employee Assistance of the Pacific offers Eldercare and Healthcare Navigation Services through Ho’okele Personal Health Navigation, LLC to most covered employees and their families. The eldercare and healthcare system can be a maze and the Ho'okele professionals can help individuals and their families with education, consultation, and referrals. It takes a village to manage a health care crisis or to help a senior to remain independent and safe in their residence as long as possible. Services include but are not limited to understanding a new diagnosis, researching insurance coverage or finding a specialist, a day care program or retirement community. When needed, the navigators can assist with end of life planning and family issues.

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In addition to providing you with free counseling through your EAP, most employers also provide you with free Financial Consultation as well.

They understand that any way they can get you started towards financial well-being will ultimately serve you as well as the employer! We can provide a free 30-minute consultation with a financial expert on a variety of topics:

  • Budgeting
  • Debt Consolidation
  • College Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Taxes
  • Bankruptcy

Call us to arrange for your free Financial Consultation!

Note: Not all employer groups have this benefit. Please call us for availability.

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employees 02In addition to providing you with counseling, most employers also provide you with free legal consultation through our EAP. They understand that dealing with a legal challenge impacts both your life and your work, and want to help you!

Legal Consultation: A free 30-minute consultation with one of our network attorneys, either face-to-face or by phone, whichever you prefer. You can discuss just about any issue (other than work-related issues) confidentially. If you need additional assistance after the 30 minutes, they will also reduce their ongoing rate by 25% so this can be a tremendous cost savings!

Call us today to see about obtaining a free legal consultation!

Note: Most, but not all corporate customers have this benefit for their employees. Call us for availability.

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