Developing Resilience in the Healthcare Field

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Healthcare organizations are paying attention to creating an organizational infrastructure to support physicians and other healthcare practitioners.

The Stanford Wellness Framework is being used by many organizations to address this issue, and consists of three domains that help build professional fulfillment and even what has been called "Joy In Medicine":

Resilience Healthcare



Stanford Professional Resilience


While the organizations themselves largely drive the first two factors, Personal Resilience is something that YOU can impact and something that your EAP can certainly support!

    Source: Sinsky, Christine, et al. “Creating the Organizational Foundation for Joy in MedicineTM.”
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Remember your EAP can help you stay RESILIENT:


We can provide you and your family members free, confidential counseling and coaching.
  • You can call us to see an experienced professional counselor near you for up to a contracted number of confidential sessions.
  • We can support you and your family with any personal or work-related challenges to help build your resilience.
  • We can work with you on self-care methods to help you stay resilient throughout your career.
We can provide free, confidential, neutral financial consultation with experts on issues that impact you.1
  • You can call us for a 30-minute telephone consultation with a certified financial expert on issues that impact you and your family.
  • Examples of these matters include retirement planning, budgeting, debt consolidation, taxes, 401(k) analysis, home buying strategies, college funding analysis, and student loan debt.
We can provide free legal assistance for non-work-related issues.1
  • You can call us for a free 30-minute face-to-face or telephonic consultation with an attorney near you. If you need more than the 30 minute consultation, the attorney will reduce their ongoing fees by 25%.
  • Examples of these matters include civil/consumer issues, personal/family legal services (adoption, custody, divorce, name change, and other domestic or family law issues), real estate, criminal matters, tax matters, estate planning, and immigration issues.
We can provide free Eldercare/Healthcare Navigation consultation.1
  • For issues related to elderly parents, ill children, or navigating through other healthcare issues.

Remember the EAP is available for support and consultation to you and your family members. Please feel free to give us a call!

Call us for support at (808) 597-8222.

1Please note that not every company has this benefit available to their employees. Call us to make sure this is available to you!

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