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  • We help Hawaii Supervisors...

    We help Hawaii Supervisors...

  • ...with challenges you face

    ...with challenges you face

  • We help you manage talented employees...

    We help you manage talented employees...

  • ...and stressful issues that arise...

    ...and stressful issues that arise...

  • ...from employees' personal issues, compliance issues...

    ...from employees' personal issues, compliance issues...

  • ...even issues impacting entire teams

    ...even issues impacting entire teams

  • We help with a variety of HR issues

    We help with a variety of HR issues

  • We're here to consult with you to help you find positive solutions

    We're here to consult with you to help you find positive solutions

  • We're just a phone call away!

    We're just a phone call away!

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As a supervisor, you understand that many factors contribute to employee job performance. Situations may arise unexpectedly, and you need to have the tools and knowledge to deal with them quickly and effectively.

Because employee personal difficulties often create problems that affect not only the employee but also you and your company, we are here to help you manage these occurrences as smoothly as possible.



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EAP is your on-call behavioral health expert that can help you with your most challenging employee issues…

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We have a variety of trainings that can help you with your compliance needs, help your team become more resilient through change, and many more topics...

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You can download any forms you may need as a supervisor here...


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Our Robust Work/Life Services Help Your Employees Stay Productive!

When we assist your valuable employees with personal issues that trouble them, they become more present, engaged, productive employees.

In addition to providing your employees with counseling, they also have access to a number of Work/Life services that can help them with those issues impacting their work and their lives!

  • Healthcare Navigation Consulting
  • Financial Consultation
  • Legal Consultation
  • Identity Theft
  • Mediation

employees 04Employee Assistance of the Pacific offers Eldercare and Healthcare Navigation Services through Ho’okele Personal Health Navigation, LLC to most covered employees and their families. The eldercare and healthcare system can be a maze and the Ho'okele professionals can help individuals and their families with education, consultation, and referrals. It takes a village to manage a health care crisis or to help a senior to remain independent and safe in their residence as long as possible. Services include but are not limited to understanding a new diagnosis, researching insurance coverage or finding a specialist, a day care program or retirement community. When needed, the navigators can assist with end of life planning and family issues.

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 In addition to providing you with free counseling through your EAP, most employers also provide you with free Financial Consultation as well.btn download orange


They understand that any way they can get you started towards financial well-being will ultimately serve you as well as the employer! We can provide a free 30-minute consultation with a financial expert on a variety of topics:

  • Budgetingemployees 03
  • Debt Consolidation
  • College Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Taxes
  • Bankruptcy

Call us to arrange for your free Financial Consultation!

Note: Not all employer groups have this benefit. Please call us for availability.

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employees 02In addition to providing you with counseling, most employers also provide you with free legal consultation through our EAP. They understand that dealing with a legal challenge impacts both your life and your work, and want to help you!

Legal Consultation: A free 30-minute consultation with one of our network attorneys, either face-to-face or by phone, whichever you prefer. You can discuss just about any issue (other than work-related issues) confidentially. If you need additional assistance after the 30 minutes, they will also reduce their ongoing rate by 25% so this can be a tremendous cost savings!

Call us today to see about obtaining a free legal consultation!

Note: Most, but not all corporate customers have this benefit for their employees. Call us for availability.

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If you are ever a victim of Identity Theft, you can call the EAP and we will provide you with a free 60-minute consultation with a Fraud Resolution Counselor.

In the event of an identity theft or fraud-related event, our Fraud Resolution Specialists can help you with seven emergency response activities:

  1. You can receive a Uniform ID Theft Affidavit and get answers to your questions about how to complete it and where to submit it.ID Theft smaller
  2. You can receive fraudulent account forms or letters for itemizing each fraudulent occurrence and advice on where to submit them.
  3. You can be directed where to report the fraudulent activity and how to notify the local and federal authorities, as well as your creditors' fraud departments.
  4. You can obtain the contact information for the three major Credit Reporting Agencies, and advice on how to obtain a free copy of your credit report now.
  5. You can receive information on how to place a "Fraud Alert" and/or "Security/Credit Freeze" on your credit file.
  6. You can receive an ID Theft Emergency Response Kit including contact information and preventative steps to take immediately.
  7. You can be informed and educated about how ID Theft occurs and informed about protective measures to take to avoid further ID Theft occurences and resulting damage to your credit history and credit score.

Call us today to see about obtaining a free Identity Theft consultation!

Note: Most, but not all corporate customers have this benefit for their employees. Call us for availability. For most covered employees, one hour of Identity Theft Consultation may be exchanged for one hour of your counseling benefit.

Free Email Breach ScanBreach scan

The link on the right allows you to enter an email address to scan for potential vulnerability. You can see if your personal or work email addresses have been breached. This scan will also verify what personal information may have been connected with the breach. You can check multiple email addresses for compromised data.

download breach scan flyer imageIf you need additional support to prevent identity theft before it strikes, employees covered by EAP can purchase Premium Protection for 25% off. These services include 24/7 credit and identity theft monitoring, theft insurance, credit reports and scores, and alert notifications. 

[Please note that these additional services are not covered by your EAP and only provided as a discounted option for those who may be interested in these services.]









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Click for our ID Theft Introductory Webinar (Nov. 2020)

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One of the newest additional services we're most excited about in 2021 is our new Mediation benefit. Couple Mediation

We have partnered with all five Hawaii Mediation Centers to provide our covered employees with a free 30-minute Intake Session to explore the benefits of Mediation for your situation.

Mediation is a confidential, informal process where a neutral third party (the mediator) can help parties in conflict:

  1. Talk through your differences,
  2. Explore and negotiate options in a safe environment,
  3. Decide how to resolve their dispute, and
  4. Craft an agreement you both can live with that is fair, realistic, and durable.

mediator smaller

 mediation handshake smallerMediation services are voluntary and require all parties to negotiate in good faith. If one party does not want to participate, the mediation cannot occur.

Trained mediators make sure the process is safe and respectful for all involved.

No paperwork or documentation is provided unless all parties agree.

Mediators cannot be subpoenaed or required to testify in court; nor can any paperwork or records be used in court unless it is a document all parties agree to and sign.


The most commonly mediated issues are:

  1. Domestic Issues (Divorce agreements and Child custody/visitation/parenting plans)Mediation DRC Smaller
  2. Landlord/Tenant Issues
  3. Condominium and Real Estate
  4. Consumer / Merchant Issues
  5. Family and Friend Struggles
  6. Co-worker Issues
  7. Neighbor and Pet Issues
  8. And many others

We have partnered with all five non-profit Mediation Centers across Hawaii:

mediation agreement couple smallerThe Mediation Center of the Pacific (Oahu)handshake
Maui Mediation Center
Ku'ikahi Mediation Center (East Hawaii)
West Hawaii Mediation Center 
Kauai Economic Opportunity Mediation Program

landlord tenant signature smallermediated divorce agreement smallerIf you decide after your initial free Mediation Intake Session that mediation would work for you, all five non-profit Mediation Centers offer low cost services.

Successful mediation cases can save you thousands of dollars (even tens of thousands of dollars) in attorney fees and court costs!

Call us today to see about obtaining a free Mediation Intake Session!



Note: Most, but not all corporate customers have this benefit for their employees. Call us for availability.

 mediation slide

Click the above image to view our 50-minute video overviewing your Mediation benefit.

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