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We have provided Telehealth services for several years, and with the Coronavirus more people across Hawaii are considering this as an option to receive the help they need while staying safe.

Face-to-face counseling is always our preference, but especially now we want to balance keeping YOU safe as well as keeping our providers safe. 

Services are available by phone.Phone strip

Services are also available through a secure video connection.

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Call the office for a telehealth appointment to be set up with one of our providers.

Note that some issues are best handled face-to-face by a Counselor. People who have a drug or alcohol issue, who are in crisis or suicidal, or need a more supportive approach tend to be better candidates for face-to-face counseling. Children under 12 are usually not appropriate for online services. The Department of Transportation mandates that those safety-sensitive employees who violate drug and alcohol regulations must be seen face-to-face by a Substance Abuse Professional, and these regulations to date have not changed. 

Many may find Telehealth more convenient and the approach more fitting with their style and schedule. Phone or Video appointments are scheduled just the same way that face-to-face appointments are scheduled, according to your schedule and your counselor's schedule.

It should be noted that those choosing Telehealth cannot always be offered the same protections as far as confidentiality. Although our video platform is HIPAA-compliant and confidential, we cannot control who has access to your computer or phone. We cannot control who may be overhearing your conversations as we would be able to in our office. Those in domestic violence situations, for example, may be better served by face-to-face sessions.

If you think Telehealth may be for you, give us a call. We'll take your information, email you the forms, and screen you to make sure you're appropriate for this service.