Managing Fear

btn download orangeOkay. Something REAL is happening. It is appropriate to feel fear. The important part is to know how to manage it. Most people are fearful of the unknown. Get lots of information so you know what is real and what isn’t real. Here are some quick tips:

  1. You are not confused, something real is going on that creates a lot of uncertainty. You are not crazy to feel fear.
  2. Fear comes in all sizes, from small to large, or on a scale from Zero to Ten (0 — 10).
  3. The closer you are to the threat, the higher your number may be.iStock 637551890
  4. If you have had previous trauma your number might be higher.
  5. Fears from 0 — 4 can be managed with deep breaths, journaling, talking with friends, calling EAP, having a cup of tea (decaf) and reviewing your safety.
  6. 5 — 7 might need all of the above and some down time to get re-grounded.
  7. 8 — 10 need additional support.
  8. If you are feeling you are above 10, you definitely need to reach out to your EAP, counselor, dear friends, family and other safe people so you know you are not alone.
  9. Do as much of your normal routine as possible.
  10. There is a beginning, middle and end of all things, so this will pass. How long it takes is a question, so you may need to pace yourself more like a marathon than a sprint.
  11. You are not alone.
  12. Practice your best healthcare practices, spiritual practices, techniques to stay mentally calm, and allow your emotions to come and go gently.
  13. It’s okay to distract yourself occasionally with online games, movies, books, hobbies, puzzles and such. Don’t distract yourself with alcohol or drugs as this will only make things worse.
  14. A fun way to deal with fear is to give it a name and let it wander around with you, have lunch with you, read a book with you, but NOT LET IT RUN THE SHOW. Don’t let fear RULE YOU, even when it is present. Again, fear in an uncertain situation is normal and reasonable. If you find yourself letting it control you or take up most of your time, that is when you need to reach out and talk to someone.

FEAR, ANXIETY, and PARANOIA:meditation pose1 by green pong

  • FEAR is a reaction to an immediate danger. ANXIETY is worry about something happening in the future. PARANOIA is influenced by fear and anxiety but goes to the point of irrationality and delusions.
  • FEAR wants your brain to take immediate action. Example: I have some flu symptoms and I don’t know what this means. I will contact my PCP and talk with an expert who cares about me and will guide me.
  • ANXIETY wants your brain to make a plan of action for the “what ifs” otherwise it cycles through all the worst things that could happen. Example: Someone sneezed in the elevator, will I get infected? I will monitor my temperature and symptoms for the next few days, distance myself from people, and contact my PCP should anything occur. In the meantime, I will take Vitamin C, drink lots of fluids, eat well, and wash my hands often.
  • PARANOIA takes fear to the next level and beyond. Example: This is the end of the world, people are going to become zombies just like the movie I saw, nobody’s listening to me, I’m lost and alone forever.


Don’t forget that you have free counseling services available through your company’s EAP. You can call the EAP any time and talk with a counselor and/or set up Telehealth counseling (through telephone or video) to stay safe. We want to do all we can to help you with your fears and we’re here for you!


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