Self-Care Practices

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Here are some self-care tips we have found helpful for people experiencing difficult times or situations.






Exercise regularly
Eat a balanced diet
Limit “junk food”
Drink 8 glasses of water daily
Maintain weight in desired range
Limit alcohol consumption
Stop smoking
Visit your physician for regular check-ups
Use medications as prescribed
Practice the relaxation response
Control environmental stressors
Allow yourself to feel and express emotions: anger, sadness, gladness, fear
Express emotions appropriately and respectfully
Resolve conflicts
Improve your self-awareness
Nurture yourself/treat yourself well
Don’t take yourself too seriously
Work off anger with physical exercise
Say “no” when you want to or need to
Ask directly for what you want
Meditate as a religious or nonreligious practice
“Let go” of unsolvable problems
Go to church, synagogue or temple
Commune with nature
Read inspirational prose or poetry
“Flow” with the events of life
Appreciate the beauty of music, art
Do something for another person
Take one day at a time
Clarify your values or beliefs
Experience your self-worth
Ask questions
Attend seminars
Discuss controversial issues
Conduct experiments/research
Take risks
Learn new skills, facts
Consider different viewpoints
Relabel unpleasant situations
Develop a life plan
Develop a career plan
Develop and use support systems
Engage in hobbies
Talk with friends and family
Take time off/vacations
Rehabilitate or end a bad marriage
Rehabilitate or end unsatisfactory friendships
Limit amount of TV viewing or watch TV with others
Engage in creative pastimes
Enjoy intimacy or sex
Play with children
Seek enjoyable ways to work
Spend time alone
Go out to entertaining events

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