Supporting Transgender, Non-Binary, and/or Gender Nonconforming Employees

Rainbow Trans Heart

Making the workplace an inclusive and affirming place for employees who are transgender, non-binary, and/or gender nonconforming is not only a legal mandate, it is the right and pono thing to do. All of us have the right to safely express our gender identity, be judged by our merit and ability, and to be free from discrimination and harassment based on protected classifications.

Your EAP is here to support individuals facing challenges in transitioning, “coming out,” or dealing with challenges along the way. We are also here to support teams and companies who are doing their best to support these employees so that all employees can perform to their full potential. Recognizing that the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce is essential to successful organizations, we wanted to let you know we are available for supporting these issues, as well as providing you with some additional resources that may help you move forward.


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Here are some recent articles that may help:


Also, many large cities (e.g. Seattle, Denver), governmental organizations (e.g. NASA, DOL, military branches), and universities have also published guidelines on best practices for supporting gender transition and gender non-conforming issues. These are easily obtained through a simple web search (e.g. "Gender Transition University Guidelines" or "Nonconforming Gender Issues Guidelines").